Hutcheson, Don

Hutcheson, Don

President at HutchColor, LLC

In his 55-year career, Don Hutcheson’s passion for photography, color accuracy, and simple, efficient workflows have led him to pioneer many of the techniques the printing industry now takes for granted, like soft proofing, RGB workflows, color management, and expanded-gamut printing.

In 1995, he formed HutchColor, LLC to bring the benefits of color management and standardized printing to printers and print buyers everywhere. Today, his clients include many of the world’s top printers, publishers, agencies, brands, and technology developers.

In 2005, as chairman of the Idealliance GRACoL committee, Don used his own “Proof-to-Press” calibration technique (now called G7®) to create the revolutionary GRACoL® print specification. Since then, GRACoL and G7 have made standardized printing easier, better, cheaper, and more consistent for countless thousands of printers and print buyers worldwide.

Although semi-retired, Don continues to serve select customers, serve on industry standards committees, and develop new or improved technologies, like G7+.

G7+™, the World’s Best Calibration System, Made Better
Wednesday, September 11 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM