G7+™, the World’s Best Calibration System, Made Better

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Wednesday, September 11 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Location: S222 - Keynote Theater

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Title: G7+™, the World’s Best Calibration System, Made Better


Since its introduction in 2005, G7™ has revolutionized the ease, quality, and efficiency of most 4-color printing methods, including offset, flexo, xerography, and gravure.

After an amazing nineteen-year run and over three years of R&D by PRINTING United Alliance, G7+™ replaces G7 with all-new calibration and verification algorithms that solve the limitations of calibrating emergent technology, add some exciting new capabilities yet maintain the same basic features, benefits, and overall appearance as legacy G7.

In this session, R&D team leader Don Hutcheson will show what G7+ is, how it differs from G7, why the Alliance developed it, and what’s in it for you. Visual examples will show how G7+ improves on G7, yet how similar it is to G7 in typical commercial work – an important feature that means your existing files and workflows should not be changed as you transition to G7+.


Type: Keynote


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